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KA122-SCH - Short-term projects for mobility of learners and staff in school education.
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      • Euneos course venues are located in Helsinki, Oulu and Lapland Finland, Tallinn Estonia, Porto and Madeira Portugal, Barcelona, Malaga and Tenerife in Spain, Sicily in Italy, Thessaloniki in Greece and Malta.
      • Our team members work as teachers, headmasters, researchers, ICT experts, project managers and coordinators in schools and universities around Europe
      • Euneos staff has a profound working experience for European Union as experts and in consultancy tasks
      • Strong roots in education and in EU programmes Erasmus+ and former Comenius
      • Since 1999 Euneos team members organise hundreds of Comenius and Erasmus+ courses and training events in Europe, Africa and India
      • Euneos stands out as a coordinator or partner in numerous EU projects
      • At Euneos course website you will find our Erasmus Ka1 courses. We will publish also new courses, follow the website!
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